Round 1 Speakers

At the risk of being redundant, we cannot overstate how much we value speakers that speak at our events. Without them, we wouldn’t have an event – plain and simple.

We are elated to announce and publicly say “thank you” to the world-class group of experts and thought leaders included in this year’s first round announcement.

Adam Steltzner

Leader & Chief Engineer, MARS 2020 Mission, Rover Perseverance – NASA/JPL

Ali Spittel

Senior Developer Advocate, AWS Amplify

Demetris Cheatham

Senior Director, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Strategy, GitHub

Colby Fayock

Developer Advocate, Applitools

Shruti Kapoor

Senior Software Engineer, PayPal

Jason Lengstorf

Principal Developer Experience Engineer, Netlify

Nigel Brown

Senior Open Source Community Manager, VMware

Jennifer Wadella

Director of Angular Development, Bitovi

Ajay Kumar S

Vice President, Solutions Architecture, JP Morgan Chase

Nader Dabit

Developer Relations Engineer, Edge & Node

Deb Bryant

Senior Director, Open Source Program Office, Red Hat

Brad Topol

Distinguished Engineer, IBM

Cheuk Ho

Developer Relations Lead, TerminusDB

Alexander Krizhanovsky

CEO, Tempesta Technologies

Shedrack Akintayo

Developer Relations Engineer,

Veer Muchandi

App Mod Solution Manager, Google

Christine Abernathy

Developer Advocate, Facebook

Chris Fritz


Bruce Momjian

Vice President, Postgres Evangelist, EDB

Laura Micek

Principal Software Engineer, Fidelity Investments

Anil Inamdar

VP & Head of Data Solutions, Instaclustr

Ana Jimenez Santamaria

Software Marketer, Bitergia

Garth Henson

Senior Engineer, Microsoft

Rikki Endsley

Open Source Community Manager, AWS

Jim Jagielski

Principal Member of the Technical Staff, Open Source, Salesforce

Asanka Abeysinghe

Chief Technology Evangelist, WSO2, Inc

Jono Bacon

Founder, Jono Bacon Consulting

Kate Stewart

VP, Dependable Embedded Systems, Linux Foundation

Guy Royse

Developer Advocate, Redis Labs

Christopher Kurz

Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology

Marian Novotny

Software Developer, G-Research

Clarence Clayton

Manager, Data Privacy, Red Hat

Paul Brebner

Technology Evangelist, Instaclustr

Gilles Gravier

Director, Senior Advisor – Open Source Strategy, Wipro Limited

Tracy P. Holmes

Open Source Engineer, VMware

Kiran ‘Rin’ Oliver

Technical Community Builder, Camunda

Josh Aas

Executive Director, Internet Security Research Group (Let’s Encrypt)

Tom Wilson

CEO, hyper

Guy Martin

Executive Director, Oasis Open

Alolita Sharma

Principal Technologist, AWS

Giovanni Vincenti

Associate Professor, University of Baltimore

Jim Hall

Project Founder + Coordinator, The Freedos Project

Sahdev Zala

Senior Software Engineer, IBM

Brent Laster

Founder and Lead Trainer, Tech Skills Transformations LLC

George DeMet

Founder and CEO,

Dawn Foster

Director Open Source Community Strategy, VMware

Mitchel Sellers

CEO, IowaComputerGurus, Inc

Dave Stokes

MySQL Community Manager, Oracle

Chris Callegari

Software Engineer, Red Hat

Sophia Vargas

Research Analyst, Google

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