COVID-19 Policy

Safety Is A Top Concern

We continue to take measures to ensure ATO 2021 is as safe as possible for all participants

*This page will be updated leading up to the event and as additional data and information becomes available. Please check back regularly.

Monitoring Will Continue

We’ve monitored COVID-related news and data since the pandemic started, and we will continue to do so moving forward. International, national, regional and local sources are closely watched and will result in a change of policy if warranted.


Mask wearing will not be mandated / required for participants that are fully vaccinated at this year’s event. However, we are requiring unvaccinated individuals, or vaccinated individuals with heightened concerns, to wear a mask throughout the event while inside the venue. While we will not check/verify vaccination cards we do sincerely ask all participants to respect their fellow attendees and abide by the policy. *Free masks will be made available at the conference beginning Sunday, October 17 and will be available throughout the conference.

Do Not Attend

Individuals should not attend the event if you are COVID-positive, are exhibiting COVID symptoms (as defined by the CDC), or are unvaccinated and have been exposed, within 14 days prior to the event, to someone who was COVID-positive or showed COVID symptoms. *All Things Open will issue full refunds to anyone fitting this criteria, no questions asked.


Anyone traveling to the event should read and abide by the CDC’s Travel Guidelines for domestic and international travel listed here. Again, please respect fellow attendees and do everything possible to ensure an environment that is as safe as possible. If traveling internationally, please view the link below as there is a requirement for proof of negative COVID-19 test or recovery from COVID-19 for all air passengers arriving in the United States.

COVID-19 Testing for Air Passengers Arriving in the United States

Vaccinations today in the U.S. are freely available and are increasingly becoming available worldwide. While we understand opinions on this differ we strongly encourage attendees to at least consider the opportunity. A U.S. based location guide can be found here.

What Else Are We Doing? 

We’re Working With Local Officials

We continue to work with our host location (The Raleigh Convention Center) and other local and state entities to make onsite as safe as possible. 

A few of the things being done include:

  • We’re working with the Convention Center to ensure enhanced cleaning and air filtration measures are implemented onsite, and that cleaning products (sanitizers, masks, etc.) are readily available and located throughout the space. This will reduce the probability of infection and spread.
  • We’re working hard to better utilize outdoor spaces around the Convention Center, and around the greater downtown area as a whole. Fresh air is a good thing, and we want to expose attendees to it as much as possible.
  • We’re working with our Convention Center food vendor to implement enhanced food safety protocols. We always make lunch available to attendees and all participants to prevent having to go offsite to eat/drink. We’re working to make eating and drinking as safe as possible.
We’re limiting overall attendance to decrease traffic and room congestion

In 2019, the last year we hosted an in-person event, just under 5,000 registered and attended. As a result, hallways and breakout rooms were packed and bustling both days. We’re reducing those numbers in 2021 and will implement spacing measures to allow for distancing between attendees.

We’re limiting the number of overall (onsite) tracks and sessions

As a result, there will be previously utilized breakout rooms that will go unused this year. The goal is to decrease congestion and allow for distancing.

We’re reconfiguring the floor and exhibit areas

The goal here is to again decrease traffic congestion and increase space between attendees and exhibitors, and among exhibitors themselves.

We’re working with networking host sites and partners to ensure best-practice safety protocols are in place and that outdoor space is fully utilized.

All are eager to work with us to make any onsite experience the absolute safest it can be.

Let us know of any additional safety measures we can take to ensure a safe environment in October. Drop us a line at [email protected] with suggestions and/or recommendations.