Terms & Conditions

By registering for All Things Open 2021 you are agreeing to the terms and conditions included below. For questions please contact us directly at [email protected].

Code of Conduct

We have a strict Code of Conduct at all of our events that is applicable both in-person and online (virtual). All attendees are expected to behave accordingly. Anyone violating the Code of Conduct will be addressed immediately. Read the complete Code of Conduct here.


For the in-person component of the conference, cancellations for conference attendee ticket holders will only be accepted in writing via email ([email protected]) or letter. This correspondence must be received by October 1, 2021 for a full refund. Refunds cannot be guaranteed after this date due to irreversible costs being incurred by the organizers.If the in-person event is cancelled due to an officially declared state of emergency, pandemic or other force majeure incident, refunds will be handled accordingly. 

For virtual conference attendee ticket holders, cancellation is permissible at any time.

Transfers of Registration for In-Person Portion of Event

If you cannot attend the in-person portion of the conference but wish to give your ticket to someone else please let us know as soon as possible. October 9, 2021, is the official deadline to do this, but we’re flexible and willing to work with you as much as possible. Please contact us and let us know your plans.


It is our goal to make this conference accessible to all attendees. Should you have any special needs, please contact us prior to the conference at [email protected] so that we can do our best to accommodate your request.

Photography, Video, & Quoted Text

Your registration serves as your permission for us to use you in any event photography or video during the event for future promotional or educational ventures related to the conference. We’ll also want to use any tweets or quotes you make publicly. We’ll fully credit you if we do.

Data Sharing Policy

All Things Open takes attendee data privacy very seriously. All participants will be given an option / choice during registration to share data with sponsors and partners. Any data that is shared with third parties will be limited to name, company, title, contact email address and country/region of origin. In addition, participants can proactively share their contact information with sponsors, partners and other attendees (third parties) both onsite and in the virtual environment. Please note these third parties are subject to their own privacy and communication policies.


By registering you are agreeing to indemnify and hold harmless ATO, its affiliates and their employees, contractors, agents, officers and directors from any claim, suit, action or proceeding arising out of or relating to any COVID-related allegation. You are also acknowledging that ATO is working to the best of its ability to ensure the conference environment is as safe as possible. Examples of steps being taken are listed here and the lists will evolve over time. Steps being taken will be posted around the conference venue also.

Event Subject to Change

All Things Open reserves the right to cancel the in-person component of the 2021 conference due to COVID/health related issues, or other issues and circumstances deemed valid by the All Things Open team. If the in-person component is cancelled for any reason the plan is to transition in-person content into virtual content and make that content available in a virtual environment October 18 and 19, 2021. The virtual content will become “the event”. As much as we would like to believe a need to cancel in-person programming will not arise, we acknowledge the world is different post-COVID and risk does exist. 

All Things Open reserves the right to reschedule the event due to extenuating circumstances deemed appropriate by the management of All Things Open.

All Things Open will notify everyone registered and our community of any cancellations, transitions and/or rescheduling as soon as possible.