Watch the 2021 Community Leadership Summit

November 30, 2021

For the last two years (2020 and 2021) we’ve been honored to host the Community Leadership Summit at All Things Open.  It’s an event we’ve long admired and attended – well before the aforementioned relationship, and it’s one that is incredibly popular with many in the open source community.  If you happened to miss the […]

Save the Date! October 30-November 2, 2022!

November 16, 2021

We’re celebrating 10 years of All Things Open next October 30 – November 2, and we kindly request you save the date(s) and join us. Ten year celebrations are rare and we are beyond grateful, so we’re already planning some “out of this world” programming and events. Note, we originally announced October 23-25 as our […]

Session Recordings – All Things Open 2021

The majority of session recordings from the conference are now available. Please note a few important items as you look for a particular talk… Both in-person and virtual sessions were featured this year. A number of in-person sessions only include audio and slides. Zoom was having issues on a national level during the conference and we […]

ATO 2021 Summary and Overview

October 27, 2021

Despite a lot of uncertainty in the lead-up to the conference and a few things that didn’t go exactly as planned, we feel the end result was in a word, wonderful.  We sincerely hope everyone that participated felt and feels the same way. Please find below a few items designed to provide a quick overview of […]

Watch Jason Lengstorf Code Live!

October 17, 2021

We love the live-streamed video show Jason hosts – Learn With Jason. He’s amazing and the show is extremely educational. And we’re thrilled to say Jason is hosting a live coding session at All Things Open! The session takes place at 1:00 pm ET on Tuesday, October 19 on the virtual platform. It’s a Featured Session on the Developer […]

Take a Tour! See the RCC and the virtual environment

October 14, 2021

Many in our community have attended an in-person ATO in Raleigh, and many attended (virtual) ATO 2020 last year. But many have not.  And for those that haven’t, we wanted to give you a quick tour of both environments before the event itself begins.  The Raleigh Convention Center The Convention Center is over 500,000 square feet in […]

Gamification – Explained

We’re gamifying both the in-person and virtual environments this year to enable attendees that are active and participate the chance to win some truly amazing prizes. We did this in 2020 and it made the virtual experience fun and engaging – we hope the same outcome occurs this year. But how will it work? Let us […]

Major League Hacking Lounge + Meetups

Good news! Our friends at Major League Hacking (MLH) will be hosting the MLH Lounge onsite at the Raleigh Convention Center on Monday the 18th. And even better news… The Lounge will host a phone recharging station, refreshments, and three (3) facilitated meetups during the day. So, you can recharge your phone and yourself, as well as […]

Open source security is the topic of the year.

October 13, 2021

Open source security is the topic of the year. From local meetup talks to US Executive Orders, you can’t get far into “open source” without addressing security in 2021. Many of the problems being discussed around open source security are not new. There is growing awareness of these issues, but also a newfound emphasis on […]

Meet Percona on All Things Open

The team of Percona is thrilled to participate virtually and in-person in ATO this year. We invite everyone to come to our booth to meet our experts. If you need some professional advice or just want to chat about open source, databases, remote work, or other things, you are welcome! You will also have a […]