Round 2 Speakers Are Now Live!

July 27, 2021

We’re thrilled to follow the Round 1 kick-off speaker announcement with a Round 2 that is jam-packed with world-class technologists and thought leaders. Check out all 25 below and stay tuned for session info when we release v 1.0 of the schedule in mid-August. Brandon Roberts Developer Advocate, Narwhal Technologies Kat Cosgrove Staff Developer Advocate, […]

Watch Astro Come To Life | 2021 Theme Explained

Before we address 2021, let’s quickly go back to 2020 and revisit last year’s theme. In short, and as we’re sure you remember, COVID had gripped the world with no end in sight. Fear and uncertainty reigned supreme. Yet, we moved forward, albeit slowly and with a lot of uncertainty, into the unknown. And this (of course) […]

Round 1 Speakers

July 12, 2021

At the risk of being redundant, we cannot overstate how much we value speakers that speak at our events. Without them, we wouldn’t have an event – plain and simple. We are elated to announce and publicly say “thank you” to the world-class group of experts and thought leaders included in this year’s first round […]

ATO 2021 FREE Virtual Registration – Made possible by Presenting Sponsors

July 11, 2021

As most know by now, we’re taking a hybrid approach to the conference in 2021, meaning there will be both an in-person component and a virtual component. While we’re thrilled to be back in person and see human faces, the virtual event will remain vital and and allow many outside the RTP region and/or those that don’t […]

What do we mean by Hybrid?

In 2021 the conference will feature three days of in-person and virtual programming. *subject to change based on COVID-19 situation of course Sunday, October 17 In-Person Two half-day co-located events will be hosted at the Raleigh Convention Center. Programming begins at 1:00 pm ET for both and both are free to attend. Inclusion & Diversity […]

2021 Design Sneak Peek

July 6, 2021

Since year one of All Things Open back in 2013 we’ve placed a priority on design. We feel it’s absolutely vital, often grabbing attention and establishing a framework for the content held within. For us, it’s interesting and fun to create. For our community, we hope it makes viewing content more engaging and stimulating. Design will […]

Registration Opens Next Week with 2 options + VIP and Co-located events

While we fully understand this month is busy with vacations and family and friends, we’re doing things a little differently… We’re launching the new website and opening registration next week on Tuesday (July 13).For many, it will be an opportunity to register and have one less thing to do. For others, it’s an opportunity to […]

What We’re Doing to Be Safe In Person

June 8, 2021

We’ve personally spoken to more people than we can count both on the ground in the RTP/NC  and regionally/ nationally to gather data and genuinely get a “feel” for the situation. And even after that initial due diligence, we continue to work closely with local partners (the Convention Center, the Downtown Association, etc.) to do […]

Registration Opens July 13 with Two Options – $99 Super Early Bird + Free

We’re ecstatic and genuinely thrilled to announce the new 2021 website will launch and registration will open on Tuesday, July 13. We at ATO wait all year on this, and based on feedback consistently received over the past 9 years, we know our community does as well. While the 2021 website theme will be the subject […]

We’ll Take a Hybrid Approach in 2021 – Here’s What That Means

May 11, 2021

It’s by far the question we currently get asked the most, and rightfully so. And it’s the question every organizer in the world is grappling with and trying to answer… What format will the conference take this year? After much thought and consideration, and seeking advice and counsel from more people than we can possibly […]