Watch Jason Lengstorf Code Live!

October 17, 2021

We love the live-streamed video show Jason hosts – Learn With Jason. He’s amazing and the show is extremely educational. And we’re thrilled to say Jason is hosting a live coding session at All Things Open! The session takes place at 1:00 pm ET on Tuesday, October 19 on the virtual platform. It’s a Featured Session on the Developer […]

Take a Tour! See the RCC and the virtual environment

October 14, 2021

Many in our community have attended an in-person ATO in Raleigh, and many attended (virtual) ATO 2020 last year. But many have not.  And for those that haven’t, we wanted to give you a quick tour of both environments before the event itself begins.  The Raleigh Convention Center The Convention Center is over 500,000 square feet in […]

Gamification – Explained

We’re gamifying both the in-person and virtual environments this year to enable attendees that are active and participate the chance to win some truly amazing prizes. We did this in 2020 and it made the virtual experience fun and engaging – we hope the same outcome occurs this year. But how will it work? Let us […]

Major League Hacking Lounge + Meetups

Good news! Our friends at Major League Hacking (MLH) will be hosting the MLH Lounge onsite at the Raleigh Convention Center on Monday the 18th. And even better news… The Lounge will host a phone recharging station, refreshments, and three (3) facilitated meetups during the day. So, you can recharge your phone and yourself, as well as […]

Open source security is the topic of the year.

October 13, 2021

Open source security is the topic of the year. From local meetup talks to US Executive Orders, you can’t get far into “open source” without addressing security in 2021. Many of the problems being discussed around open source security are not new. There is growing awareness of these issues, but also a newfound emphasis on […]

Meet Percona on All Things Open

The team of Percona is thrilled to participate virtually and in-person in ATO this year. We invite everyone to come to our booth to meet our experts. If you need some professional advice or just want to chat about open source, databases, remote work, or other things, you are welcome! You will also have a […]

We at TuxCare are excited to be a part of All Things Open.

In one way or another, all our products are directly related to the Open Source ecosystem, either through Live Patching solutions or Support for Open Source Enterprise OSes like ageing EOL distros or the newer soon-to-be discontinued CentOS 8. On the subject of Live Patching, at ATO, we have the opportunity to raise awareness of […]

Fostering Open Education in a Truly Open Environment

[email protected] Uses IEEE SA OPEN to Advance Education In June 2020, the charter of [email protected] was approved. Fellow students and staff at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) were able to pursue their mission of creating resources for students who want to learn, use, and contribute to Open Source technologies. This Open Source Program Office […]

2021 State of the Software Supply Chain: Open Source Security and Dependency Management Take Center Stage

Over the past year, COVID-19 fundamentally transformed how people live and work, how companies interact with customers, how customers shop and buy, and how physical and digital supply chains function. As the economic importance of digital innovation accelerated during the global pandemic, so too did the number of cyber-attacks aimed at exploiting software supply chains. […]

Revved Up By Gradle: See You At All Things Open 2021

When Hans Dockter set out to invent the Gradle Build Tool back in 2007, he had a few requirements in mind. First, Gradle had to be fast. The project was born out of the frustrations associated with the primary Java build automation tools of the time, Apache Ant and Apache Maven. Second, it had to […]