Watch Jason Lengstorf Code Live!

We love the live-streamed video show Jason hosts – Learn With Jason. He’s amazing and the show is extremely educational.

And we’re thrilled to say Jason is hosting a live coding session at All Things Open!

The session takes place at 1:00 pm ET on Tuesday, October 19 on the virtual platform. It’s a Featured Session on the Developer 3 track. 

Here’s the session…

Learn With Jason, Extra Live!A live coding session with Jason Lengstorf. Watch and engage with Jason as he sets up and deploys a site with serverless functions (and maybe a database) – in real time. Pretty cool! Attendees can watch live and vote on important questions in the dev space, or perhaps not-so-serious questions – you be the judge. 

How do you watch the session?

Already registered for ATO virtual?
If you’ve already registered for ATO 2021, you’re good to go. Click the URL/link that was sent to you, access the virtual platform, click on the Featured Sessions menu item in the lobby, and click on Jason’s session.

Not registered?
If you haven’t registered for ATO 2021, do so now here! Click the “Tickets” button and choose the Virtual option, proceed with registration. A link/URL will be forwarded to you to access the virtual platform.

Once on the virtual platform, click on the Featured Sessions menu item in the lobby, and click on Jason’s session.