Gamification – Explained

We’re gamifying both the in-person and virtual environments this year to enable attendees that are active and participate the chance to win some truly amazing prizes.

We did this in 2020 and it made the virtual experience fun and engaging – we hope the same outcome occurs this year.

But how will it work? Let us do our best to explain…  

The Virtual Environment 

Be active on the site (but not too active) – Accumulate Points 
All Things Open 2021 (virtual) attendees will accumulate points for certain actions taken on the virtual platform while being active on the site, and points will be displayed on the Leaderboard. 

Sample actions that will result in points being rewarded include: 
  • Entering/visiting rooms, auditoriums, (networking) lounges, and exhibitor booths. Attendees will do this to attend sessions and/or network
  • Clicking / watching videos, downloads, live links. For example, the Welcome Video in the virtual lobby provides an overview of the event, and it’s worth points to those that watch. 
  • Chatting with other attendees and/or sponsors.
  • Digital Badge Swipe. Share information with someone at a booth and you’re awarded points. 

*Please note, the point scale and rules will be forwarded to everyone that registers for the event, and it will be available in the virtual environment at the event of course. 

The In-Person Environment 

Be active onsite at the Convention Center – Accumulate Points  
The onsite gamification system will work very similarly to the one in the virtual environment. Meaning, participants will accumulate points for taking certain actions and they will accumulate points in the mobile app. *Note, anyone participating in-person will have to download the ATO 2021 mobile app and enter codes that will be revealed when taking certain actions. 

What actions will be rewarded onsite?
  • Attending talks, including keynote and breakout sessions.
  • Visiting exhibitor tables 
  • Attending after-hour programming, like the Monday Social/RIoT Demo Night on Monday evening, October 18. 

*Please note, the point scale and rules will be forwarded to everyone that registers for the event, and it will be available onsite of course.

Finally, we do feel it’s important to mention prizes will not be awarded to those accumulating the highest point totals, as they were in 2020. In 2021 point totals over a certain threshold will qualify and winners will be chosen randomly from everyone achieving the threshold total.