Watch the 2021 Community Leadership Summit

For the last two years (2020 and 2021) we’ve been honored to host the Community Leadership Summit at All Things Open. 

It’s an event we’ve long admired and attended – well before the aforementioned relationship, and it’s one that is incredibly popular with many in the open source community. 

If you happened to miss the event this year back in October, we encourage you to watch a few sessions below. They’re all well moderated by noted community leaders and all the discussions are truly fantastic. 


Jono Bacon

Jono Bacon Consulting

Amber Graner

Corelight Inc.

Jason Hibbets

Red Hat

Jen Wike Huger

Red Hat

Lisa-Marie Namphy

Cockroach Labs


Community Platforms Shootout

Jono Bacon & Jen Wike Huger

Is there such a thing as Community ROI (and what is it)?

Amber Graner & Jen Wike Huger

Diversity and Inclusion in Community in 2021

Lisa-Marie Namphy

What does the Ideal Virtual Event look like?

Amber Graner & Lisa-Marie Namphy

When and how to Reward Great Contributions

Jono Bacon & Jason Hibbets