Session: What Threats are Hiding in Your Software – And How to Find Them

With COVID-19 as a backdrop, 2020 was the year that cybersecurity really came to the forefront. With the world mostly working from home and relying on the Internet more than ever, a plethora of security challenges arose that taxed an already overburdened IT industry. After things like the Solarwinds attack and hacks on public infrastructure such as in the energy sector, it became abundantly clear that we had to step up our efforts to more clearly automate sharing of threat data, understand what packages where in our critical software, and even begin to automate remediation plans when vulnerabilities were detected.

In this panel discussion, we gather together a collection of subject matter experts in everything from SBOM (Software Bill of Materials) to threat detection sharing and remediation to give the audience a look into open software projects and standards that are at the leading edge of helping to secure our digital future. The panel will answer questions in their respective areas of expertise, and also touch on how their particular specialties overlap and collaborate in the fight against cybersecurity threats. We will leave time for audience questions and participation.