Session: The Growing Research that Open Source Owns the Future in Cloud

The latest research on open source shows the growing need and value of the skills as well as the advancement of open source in the enterprise stack. Join Deb Bryant, Senior Director, Open Source Project Office at Red Hat and Chris Ferris, CTO, Open Technologies at IBM to cover the latest global research on Open Source. Red Hat and IBM embarked on research in 2020 that have insights on the state of open source, its practitioners and its future. 65% of developers consider skills and knowledge related to underlying Open Source cloud technologies to be more beneficial to their careers, than skills related to any specific cloud. Join us to cover some of the critical questions and discoveries which showed strong support for your skills in key open source technologies. While the widespread use of free and open source software and migration to the cloud are the two most significant shifts characterizing computing in the last two decades, open source technology is still the root of that innovation. In the era of hybrid cloud, open source is maintaining and increasing its influence. Our research suggests that over the long term, recruiting skills in the most fundamental open source tools and libraries will likely provide major benefits to both professionals and their organizations.