Round 2 Speakers Are Now Live!

We’re thrilled to follow the Round 1 kick-off speaker announcement with a Round 2 that is jam-packed with world-class technologists and thought leaders.

Check out all 25 below and stay tuned for session info when we release v 1.0 of the schedule in mid-August.

Brandon Roberts

Developer Advocate, Narwhal Technologies

Kat Cosgrove

Staff Developer Advocate, Pulumi

Rob Richardson

Developer Advocate, Cyral

Justin Garrison

Developer Advocate, Amazon Web Services

Daniel Bryant

Director of Dev Rel, Ambassador Labs

Milecia McGregor

Developer Advocate, Iterative

Mason Egger

Developer Advocate, DigitalOcean

Nicolas Frankel

Developer Advocate, Hazelcast

Haley Creech

Technical Product Owner, GlaxoSmithKline

Justin Reock

Field CTO and Chief Solutions Evangelist, Gradle, Inc.

Dmitry Vinnik

Open Source Developer Advocate, Facebook

Silona Bonewald

Executive Director, IEEE SA OPEN

Sam Basu

Developer Advocate, Progress Software

Bailey Jones

Member of Technical Staff, Salesforce

Wolfgang Gehring

FOSS Ambassador, Daimler TSS GmbH

Brandon Weaver

Vice President of Data Science, Optum

Jess Beutler

Program Director, OpenStreetMap US

Julia Li

Software Engineer II, VMware

Richard Elberger

Principal Technologist – IoT, Amazon Web Services

Don Shin

Founder and CEO, CrossComm

Rachael Tatman

Senior Developer Advocate, Rasa Technologies

Micah Silverman

Lead Developer Advocate, Split

Dr. Allan Friedman

Director of Cybersecurity Initiatives at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, US Department of Commerce

María Cruz

Program Manager, Google

Chris Ward

Tech Writer, Chronosphere

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