We at TuxCare are excited to be a part of All Things Open.

In one way or another, all our products are directly related to the Open Source ecosystem, either through Live Patching solutions or Support for Open Source Enterprise OSes like ageing EOL distros or the newer soon-to-be discontinued CentOS 8.

On the subject of Live Patching, at ATO, we have the opportunity to raise awareness of this amazing way of looking at IT Ops, where maintenance windows are no longer a friction point between security-minded IT professionals and the business needs. With Live Patching, you don’t need to stop systems or even interrupt their workloads to deploy security patches, and this is a game-changer from traditional operations.

Consider this situation: a new critical security vulnerability is disclosed, and it affects some of your core systems. Your business units can’t afford the downtime and business loss that comes with it to allow for proper patching, so you’re left with known-vulnerable systems supporting your infrastructure until your next maintenance window comes along in a couple of weeks. A tense situation to be in, that’s for sure. Live patching completely side-steps this whole situation – as soon as the patches for the vulnerability are released, they are deployed on the systems -whilst they are still running-, with zero downtime or any other impact to users or processes.

Do you want to know more about the technology behind Live Patching, which has been present in the Linux Kernel for some years now? Igor Seletskiy, TuxCare’s CEO, will give a presentation on the different aspects of Live Patching, how patches are created, the pitfalls of this patching methodology and how to avoid them. It’s 2021, we should no longer need to reboot systems just to deploy patches.

We also have a booth where you can meet with our great team and get to know more about our offerings, as well as snag some of our TuxCare branded swag. I mean, what’s the point of attending an event if you don’t walk out with bags full of swag? Everyone loves it, including us.

The Featured Blog Posts series will highlight posts from partners and members of the All Things Open community leading up to the conference in October.