Session: Securely Connecting to the Resource Constrained Devices

Over the last 5 years, Zephyr has grown to be one of the most widely adopted real time operating systems to use on the resource constrained devices, when Linux is not a viable option. Sensors and actuators play an important part in providing data to the internet of things. Ensuring that there is a secure connection to authenticated devices is key to ensure the data is trusted. On these resource constrained devices, Linux may be too big, in terms of memory size or run time power requirements. The Zephyr operating system is a vendor neutral operating system, that can run on these remote devices and securely communicate to Linux-based edge devices. Zephyr is one of the few open source projects that has it’s own project security incident response team (PSIRT), is listed as a CNA with MITRE, and has published its vulnerability handling and embargo policies. This talk will overview the capabilities of the Zephyr RTOS and how it can effectively interact with Linux in a secure manner.