Session: Operate First Community: Learn, practice, and adapt from a live GitOps environment

Open source has become the defining way of developing software. But how do we open-source the operation of software?

The Operate First Community Cloud is a peer-to-peer mentoring environment for running software in production, as well as a community for Cloud Native SREs to share knowledge about production practices.

Using the same community-building process of open source projects, but extended to ops procedures and data.

Did you ever want to peek into a data center?

See how Kubernetes, ArgoCD, Kubeflow, Prometheus and other workloads are deployed and operated including the real configs. We’ll take you on a ride through the user-facing onboarding processes and the back office, where SRE’s perform state-of-the-art DevOps through GitOps and bot automation.

Experienced SRE’s will find an outlet for sharing their knowledge and new talent get’s a chance to grow into an SRE role and get their hands on cloud-native projects in a production environment.

If you want to modernize your own environment, come and build on the community knowledge to get you bootstrapped.