Session: Let’s Open Source Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion within open source is being approached in the same way that software development used to be prior to the creation of open source. Most efforts, in spite of significant resources and financial investment, are very fragmented, not openly shared, only address part of the challenges, and are not collaborative with those outside of a single organization or very few partnerships.

We have to approach this differently in order to yield different results. We must drive diversity and inclusion as an open source community, utilizing relevant data and building on research and initiatives that already exist.

All In is a program that brings together a rich set of organizations and will open source their proven success to create a more collaborative, open, and end-to-end approach to providing access and an on ramp into open source for people from underrepresented backgrounds and regions. In other words, we are open sourcing diversity and inclusion. Are you All In?

Audience members will have an understanding of:

  • Data from the open source community that highlights opportunities and challenges to advancing diversity and inclusion;
  • Insights from maintainers on what barriers to creating inclusive communities they are facing;
  • An innovative approach to open sourcing diversity and inclusion in order to create a more inclusive environment for all; and
  • Clear actionable ways in which the audience can join and contribute to creating more inclusive cultures within their communities as a community leader or individual contributor.