Session: How Open Source is Eating Software: Numbers and Trends

Open source software is a pervasive part of modern IT. You know that. But this conversation between Red Hat Senior Manager for Brand and Audience Insights Kelly Andrews and Technology Evangelist and author Gordon Haff will take you deeper. Drawing from Red Hat primary research such as The State of Enterprise Open Source 2021 as well as other reports, we’ll consider topics like the following:

  • Why are enterprises using open source?
  • What strategies are IT teams following for their legacy applications?
  • What do the trend lines look like for open source adoption?
  • What strategies are businesses following to sell products based on open source?
  • How are organizations dealing with security?
  • How is participation in open source changing?

Whether you’re using open source software, creating it, or both, you’ll come away with important insights into how you should think about open source in the context of your organization.