Session: All In for Maintainers: Creating an Inclusive Culture Within Communities

After many conversations with contributors, maintainers and leaders throughout the open source community, we’ve heard several common themes. Inclusion happens at the community level and it’s largely the maintainer or community leader that sets the tone for an inclusive culture within a community.

Many organizations understand that managers play a significant role in building diverse teams and creating an environment where all voices are heard and everyone can do their best work. They provide them the tools they need to drive inclusion. Do maintainers have what they need to create more inclusive open source communities for current and future developers from underrepresented backgrounds and regions?

Through a Maintainers Listening Tour, we’ve set out to understand the experiences, challenges and opportunities ahead for our maintainers. We will share key insights from the focus groups and individual interviews as well as share what they would like to see in a program, All In for Maintainers, which will provide maintainers with the education, tools, technical support and other resources they need to advance diversity, equity and inclusion within their communities. We will provide an opportunity for audience members to provide input into this program as well.