Safety – We’ve Got You Covered

We fully understand safety is top-of-mind for anyone considering the in-person event.

And guess what? It’s top-of-mind for us too.

Here is a quick run-down of everything we’re doing to keep you as safe as possible onsite...

Using outdoor space for socials and networking

The Welcome Social on Sunday, October 17 will be hosted outside on the Convention Center patio by the Sir Raleigh statue, and other socials will have an outdoor component to them as well. In addition, the plaza/patio surrounding the Convention Center will be available and open for networking, and maximized throughout the event.   

All rooms configured to maximize distance between attendees

We’ve reconfigured rooms (ballrooms and breakout) to maximize distance between attendees. Our goal is 6-8 ft. of distance. Air walls have been dropped wherever possible, which works very well. In addition, the Convention Center is huge, making all of this a possibility.

Attendance has been limited to decrease traffic/congestion

Fewer people will be in the building than in past years – the end result will be less traffic and less congestion. It’s the responsible thing to do.

Proof of vaccination or negative test upon entry

Show your card or an app proving vaccination and you’re in. Or, show proof of a negative test within 72 hours of the day you’re attending and you’re in also. All attendees can know everyone attending has done one or the other.

Digital temperature check upon entry

The process (swipe your wrist) will take 3 seconds, literally, and if your temperature is 100.3 or below, you’re good to go.

Face covering mandate (inside only)

The City of Raleigh has an indoor face covering mandate in place (except while eating or drinking) and free face coverings will be made available. This is an added layer of protection for everyone.

We sincerely believe the above actions will make the environment as safe as it possibly can be. We want everyone to enjoy the world-class content and networking – and feel safe doing it.

Questions? Contact us directly at [email protected]

*Please note, we do not collect or store any personal information during the proof of vaccination / negative test / temperature check processes. Absolutely none. All checks will be done manually and without collecting/storing data. Attendee privacy is of utmost importance.