Registration Opens Next Week with 2 options + VIP and Co-located events

While we fully understand this month is busy with vacations and family and friends, we’re doing things a little differently…

We’re launching the new website and opening registration next week on Tuesday (July 13).For many, it will be an opportunity to register and have one less thing to do. For others, it’s an opportunity to take a look, learn more, and make a mental note to register in the future. We understand both approaches completely.At the very least we hope our community will take a look and add us to their (very busy) fall calendars.

Registration can be done in 3 easy steps…

Step 1

There will be two (2) primary options available – In-person and Virtual.

Step 2 (if applicable)

Choose a Sunday, October 17 co-located event – Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) and/or Community Leadership Summit (CLS). Both events are free to attend and do not require a Monday/Tuesday registration.

Step 3 (if applicable)

Choose a VIP option, which includes VIP 1 (shirt and stickers for $69 USD) and VIP 2 (shirt, stickers and poster for $139 USD). This option is for people that want to ensure they receive a conference t-shirt and/or poster. *Note, this does not require an event registration – VIP options can be purchased separately.

Finally, we’re doing something else very differently this year.

The Early Bird registration option will stay open through July and August and will close Tuesday, August 31. We’ve never done this before, but we’re doing it so everyone has a chance to see the (v 1.0) schedule, which is scheduled to be published and made “live” in mid-August. From that time our community will have 2+ weeks to view, consider and register before the price increases to $99 USD per day.

Let us know if you have questions or need anything at [email protected].