Jobs! A lot of them at ATO 2021

Mattermost is making Job Boards possible

In addition to the education and networking, a major reason people attend ATO is jobs, and to meet those companies and individuals hiring.

And good news – there will be lots of jobs at ATO 2021.

There will be not one but two (2) Job Boards at the event this year – one onsite at the Raleigh Convention Center, and the other on the virtual platform.

Special thanks to Mattermost for making the 2021 Job Boards possible!

Onsite – Raleigh Convention Center

Two physical white boards will be set up in the main/3rd floor lobby area for those in attendance to write/identify open jobs on. This has been incredibly effective in the past and highly visible.

Virtual Environment 

There will be a Job Board area/menu item in the virtual environment this year that is highly visible and easy to use. Attendees can click on the item and be taken to the interface below. From there everyone can view and post jobs with a simple click in the chat stream/feature.